Friday, August 29, 2008

"Run DNC" -It's Hi(Story) In The Making!

"Don't just complain about something, work to CHANGE it. If you don't then you're part of the problem..." -the Minority Report

Mad that I missed Hilary and Bill's speeches, I made sure I was close to a TV to watch the historic acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for President by Sen. Obama. It was both reflective and inspirational at the same time, and in different ways and reasons. 45 yrs. ago is NOT that long ago folks. Think if your only just 35, that was only TEN years before you. So to have my mother call me in tears, saying she would hope to see this happen in her life time has such a deeper personal
meaning for me now to vote. She'll be 62 next year, and the hose spraying and the assassinations, and the segregation is still fresh in her mind. Her grand parents and parents still had cotton under their nails. So you get my point on why she was moved. Remember HOPE is just that, until YOU make it real. VOTE!

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