Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.79)

Okay, so now round two for Blackberry Luxe thrown events for me. The first one left a "berry" spoiled taste in my mouth, but I'm one for second chances. Besides I opened my big mouth and invited Tati (from MetroBox...you know the one that did the interview on me about the blog) and friends out, so I was committed to go, even though I was dead tired. It started at 9pm, but I got there round 9:30ish, and it was like a supermarket during a hurricane out front...mad chaos! No line, just a blob of people holding up their hands like it was a class room to get in. Ummm,what was the point of thr RSVP again? I sat back and watched the madness from a distance till " T-Pain "(Tati) showed up. The hostess looked out and saw I was with 3 ladies and "well what'a ya know"...we got in fast. Once inside I didn't understand the fuss, which is usually the case with these types of affairs. However they DID have an open bar ;-) Told " T " to tell the door chick that L.A. was her "Boo" here for her B'day, and that was his ticket to get in quick, when he FINALLY found the spot that is. The first Dj sucked raw eggs, but Bev Bond cleaned up his "kitchen mess" once she took over (whew!). It was some dimes inside, about a dollar fifty worth, but nothing more. Over all it was better then the first one, but only by a nose. Not too much. Highlight was meeting MySpace.com/Nirvanasavoury. Pretty, pretty, pretty cool chick with some dope songs I'd say. You'll hear more about her in the near future, trust.

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