Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Flashing Lights" Paparazzi Pics (Pt.67)

You missed a great turn-out Saturday under the Brooklyn Bridge in Empire State Park man! There was this Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival going on there (all day) thrown by Brooklyn, that I know you would have enjoyed! Yume teamed up w/ the Stylistics Agency and killed the gift lounge (for the invited performing acts) so much that, VIP was damn near empty, from folks staying to chill under our tent instead (LOL). Not everyone that showed out is pictured here but you'll get the basic idea of the type of talent the event drew. Having to be the ALL DAY, I made full use of the donated cans of Red Bull we were supplied. I was nicknamed "El Minority Matador" by the end of the day based on the amount of "Bulls" I downed during the day. I paid for it too, cause in the bathroom it was the "running of the bulls" far as my bladder was concerned. Anyhow the events highlights were of course show headliner KRS-One, and local (but internationally known) MCs, Mickey Factz & Fresh Daily, that ripped their individual sets. Bilal was a no show but, I enjoyed it none the less.

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