Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"One Long Knight"-Dark Knight Review...Sorta.

"Everbody on the line outside..." -Flipmode Squad

If you've been following the blog for sometime, you should not be shocked that I've gone to see the movie on the first day out. No trickery or advance tickets involved, I just simply brought my tickets at an earlier time & day before it came out (duh?). So don't walk in there even thinking you're gonna see the 9:10 movie and it's 8:59 on your tick tock. Hell nah! It ain't happening captain. Anyways, I show up to the theater w/ my ticket in hand and simply walked inside, not even noticing there was a line formed (from 7:00 for a 9:40 showing) outside. Ash points this out, but we're inside already, so am I to head back out to join that said line? As the French would say "F^#% No!" Excuse my French. Once upstairs, we see there's NO listing for our movie time. Huh? What the deuce? Never fear though, the acne-challenged usher just tell us it's slightly later and to start the line, we're first. Cool. Soon after, the poor saps that we're there from 7pm get the green light to come up and join the line we're on. Cool. Amid the mass showing movie conflictions, lines were being formed ALL over the damn lobby, so we get moved to ANOTHER wall to wait by. Cool. So we resume our position in first place on THAT line now. However some random "batty" chick decides that wants to "see the manager" to remind them "She was first in line outside at 7:00." NOT f^%kin' cool. EVERYONE within earshot from the ushers, to the concession stand folks, to the clean up crew, she was making it known to (in a round about way) that we were skipping the line (which technically we were but eh). I laughed thinking, "It's a freaking empty theater, you have seats on reserve that we're taking up from you? Please let me know." I wanted to go to the concession stand to buy her a large cold soda, cause man, she was THIRSTY! The doors open and she off scrambling like it was a free iPhone in every seat boy! Damn, it be some grown ass silly folks, not the kids you gotta watch. Now finally, on to the movie review.
Long story short, the Dark Knight is a hodge podge of some of the best movies that have come along in the last ten years done better. A bit of "Heat" mixed in with a dash of "Seven" added with a little "Mission Impossible"/"James Bond" then topped off with some elements of "Fight Club." It's just Batman & the Joker as the main character focused on. Reason one why this film worked for me was that, it was staged at real locations, and not on some imagined set to look "cartoonish." Remember, Bruce Wayne HAS no real super powers, nor does any on his villains so placing him in the "real" world makes logical sense. Dude is a straight up regular (extremely rich) guy, that works out and is trained in many forms of combat. But hey, even the biggest dudes get f#@k up sometimes too (which Batman does in the movie). I don't wanna spoil anything for you guys but kudos to the whole production team on pulling this together. Every action in the storyline plot has a reaction and purpose that pushes the narrative forward. Matter o' fact I dug it so much I saw it TWICE already. Man, I'm not sure how they're gonna top this one (the hype, the acting, the box-office intake) but I'm curious to find out. Fingers crossed for Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" to make it to the big screen. I'll purchase my tickets NOW! Thank you very much. BELIEVE THE HYPE! Good Knight Gothemites!

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