Monday, July 14, 2008

"Wiley For the Night!" -Harlem Does Kehinde Wiley

While some of you maybe familiar with (Kehinde) Wiley works from his comission-
ed portraits of honored Hip-Hop artist for VH1, he's actual a world re known artist famous for his "common man/forgotten Kings" paints. For his latest (and first solo) exhibition opening up at the Studio Museum in Harlem, subject matter wise he's taken it back to the Mother-
(or rather his Father's country) of Lagos-
Dakar. Starting this Thursday (July 17th till Oct. 26th) you'll be able to view up close his works using young men & women of that region. Wiley is so hot at the moment that MJ (the Gloved One) even gave him a call to do a portrait of him, AND said he'd spring for all the white paint that he needed (lol).

The World Stage: Africa, Lagos -Dakar
Studio Museum in Harlem -144 W.125th St.
July 17th -Oct 26th

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