Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 65)

Ummm, what do you call a night with two parties back to back, one with FREE Hennessey drinks all night and the other a celebrity B'day Bash? If your guess was "A day off tomorrow w/a hangover" then you my friend are psychic. Kwesi & I made our way out (early) to the Hennessey event thrown last week, however there was a "rock concert" type line waiting for us to join it and make it even longer, when we got there (lol). Good thing I had juice, and good luck working for me. Cause not only did we get to move all the way to the front, but we were also among the last folks allowed in the joint. The spot was WAY on the west side, damn near in the water, but the interior (rather exterior) rooftop deck was "good money." Kwesi hit the bar, and came back with a tray fulla mad drinks like he was serving. GULP! And we're off to D-Nice's yearly B'day bash happening at Plumm. Alot of old faces and some REALLY old faces packed out the spot quick. It was SO many old school icons, I thought it was the Hip-Hop Honors after party for a minute (lol). Anyways, it was good to see folks come out to show love to "D" who's usually behind the set during most events he's at. Plus Sallomazing! FINALLY got her picture with Bryce Wilson she's longed for since 10th grade. Damn that long girl?

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Sallomazing! said...

You killed it with this pic of Bryce and I... Ahhhh... Bucket List's getting shorter. Thanks for the connect.

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