Thursday, July 10, 2008

"It's Jeese...Mr. Jackson If Your Nasty!"- JJ's Not So Dy-no-mite Comments

Once again it seems like the Obama campaign hits yet another bump in the road to get to the White House. This time it comes from an unexpected (but yet expected) source, Rev. Jeese Jackson. In a taped interview w/Fox News, JJ turned it into "Open Mic Night" when not realizing his mic was still on, whispered some hater type rhetoric about O-biddy's recent comments about Fatherhood (or rather lack of) in the black community. Crazy huh? Especially being that Jackson fathered a love child himself! A reverend but no father is he. Well thanks to a great source of mine inside the Barack camp, I have the rare op of letting you guys read 'Bama's taped phone reaction to the Rev's hateration:

Jess! I know we not boys like that but, for straight hated on me like we "frienemies" or something. I know you not still mad I charged you to get in to one of my fund raisers Oprah threw huh? Then how you gon' say you gonna "Cut my nuts" like you grimy like that "Mr. Rainbow Coalition?" Two wrongs make you a Reverend Wright homey! You do know this right? You operation PUSH me, am a push right back Jay! You know how "the Man" is trying to break us up like an '80's boy band, and here you go talking out yo neck about ya man "O"! But trust me Jack, I got something for that ass! I'm a put the convo we had, with you crying like a bitch to come back, out on a mixtape and call it "No More Good Times for JJ" See if you like getting embarrassed then Jess! AND I'm gonna have your own son host it too...Okay? You see where Hillary is at now don't you? If I EVER hear about...wait...hold on...It's Al (Sharpton) on the other line. I'll hit you right back. Click!

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