Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised..." - "Rock the Block BK" YouTube'd

"Greatness is among us..."-Unknown

True words spoken. There is SO much talent out there, it's hard to keep track with who's doing what, and who to follow till stardom hits. Well Sat. Aug. 9th ("Rock the BlocK BK") we're hoping to make thing easier be pulling together the best talent in NYC that you've probably sat next to on the train and NEVER knew. Names such as Fresh Daily, Ray6, Jesse Boykins III, Theophilus London, Print w/ Good Day Good Night, Vice Lounge, Ernie Gaines, & Honey LaRochelle are just some of the folks that are pushing music forward right here in your hometown! You can click on their names to peep their myspace pages out, and THANK me later.

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