Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Two Faced"- Face-Off...the Sequel

Ash (and her brilliant herself) wondered as purely a social experiment (and comedic reasons too) wanted to see what would life be like as a Caucasian woman for a week. So she saved up her dough, and hired some top-notch, award winning (but out of work) special effects make artist to help her out, with the task at hand. My guess is that, she'll probably get a raise at a job she just got hired at, appear in a "Girls Gone Wild" video, and marry a black NBA/NFL player...all in that one week. LOL! Here's some behind the scenes pics of her going through the process. Looking like an Asian "Phantom of the Opera" fo reals...Stay tune folks! Changing Faces '08! Only on the Minority Report folks we present to you...."Lindsey Johansson"

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