Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Streets Is Watching...And Talking Too!" -RTB BK Fever Hits The Streets HARD!

Ever since word got out about WHO exactly was involved, and WHO's on the long list of artists to appear, people can't seem to shut up about it! So to make you get a better understanding about how SERIOUS this is going to be, I'm a let my peoples speak for me! Now you can see what I have to deal with till the (Sat. Aug) 9th. Trust me, I'm just as excited too, but DAMN! Keistar Productions, Dj Goldfinger, Jeese Boykins III, Dj Soul, Fresh Daily, Blackcocaine, Theophilus London, Miss Behavior, Honey Larochelle, Dj Spinna, Fly Lady Di, Ernie Gaines, Lexibella, Print, Concep, Dj Scratch, Ray 6, Kiser, Ahficionados, the Stylistics, Rizz22, Not Just Vintage, Frank White, We Love Ya Like Cooked Food, Yume, the Minority Report, Little House on Clinton, Lichiban, Bush Baby, and even more as the event draws closer...Where will YOU be?


Fly Lady Di said...

doooooooope! for those who want something fun to do tonight my Dshirt launch is TONIGHT! @ YUME 925 Bergen St. between Classon & Franklin from 9-12midnight! HOLLA! love u ALANZO... this is AMAZING.

*is said...

small.wonder approved!! ;)

Go see Ernie Gaines!!!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"