Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Flashing Lights" Paparazzi Pics (Pt.66)

Talk about "Spread love is the Brooklyn way" huh? It had to be, no lie, like over 6-700 folks out in the park Sunday (from near and far) to enjoy a new Brooklyn Summer tradition. This annual event (number 8 now) thrown by MIH Ventures, grows every year. It seems word of mouth is a MONSTER in regards to this event, cause I saw not one flier advertising the locale...beautiful! the Brooklyn Circus & Yume came out deep to rep each respective boutique. And I had an import in from "the 702" (not the group dummy...Vegas). Ms. Vash LVvr (*see LVvr, Friend, Confidant in links) and company were in town, so I just HAD to bring'em thru to experience how BK gets down. She's now moving here LOL! Well anyways, my cam battery passed out on me like "You want me to take how many pics homey?" and never came back on so here's all I managed to get partna. See ya'll next year! Or at "Rock the BlocK BK" on Sat. Aug.9th!

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