Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.70)

Yeah yeah, it LOOKS like this event was loads of fun but, ummm er...that's far from the truth. Let me start from the top. Last week some time (I forgot what day it was) Blackberry had a soiree over at the lovely venue Providence which I attended. First off there was NO open bar...not even for a HALF an hour at least! Then no one seem to know what exactly the event was being held for. Then the opening DJ sucked that was strike two. Lastly, can I get a FREE Blackberry? Weather it's by lottery or spinning a bottle,WHATEVER! Just offer the chance! The legendary DJ Jazzy "Fresh Prince" Jeff was the ONLY reason I attended and the ONLY redeeming factor. That and the dime spokeswomen/models they had working (What up Tiff!) Blackberry my ass, this was "Wackberry!"

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Kitty Hawk in 'Extra Swank' said...

aye mr. reporter...

Please do an expose on the recent proliferation of cheap ass corporate companies who refuse to provide their guest with AT LEAST an open bar!

perhaps, we've been spoiled. ahhh..member the good ole days where open bars, fancy Cheeze-Itz carried around on trays by scantly clad models -of both sexes- AND nifty gift bags were the NORM!!


I managed to G the clipboard goddess outside into handing over one of those tacky Liberace-esque wristbands...and it was STILL WACK!

Wackberry is right.


Kitty Hawk


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