Monday, July 21, 2008

"We On A World Tour W/Obama My Man..." -'Bama Rolling To Iraq

Out to prove to the general public of American voters that he really is an "International Lover" Obama has set this campaign sights to boosting this image on foreign policies (and to taste some authentic ethnic food lol). Novelty t-shirts with the quote "I'm A Fan of the Brown Man" are highly sought after souvenirs being sold abroad to help fund his tour. Spots he's stated to appear in, and what he plans on hitting up while there are as follows; Germany (the beer), France (the fries) Jordan (the sneakers), Israel & Iraq (a good bomb shelter), West Bank (the ATM), Afghanistan (the scarfs) and Britain (fish, chips, and tea). In the fall, when he returns to the States and is asked to write an essay on "What I did for the Summer", he'll be more than prepared to answer in 5pgs or more.

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