Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Cry Me A Freakin' River" - Justin Timberlake Cast As "the Joker?"

Seems like EVERYBODY is catching the acting bug. After the unexpected success of the "Dick In A Box" skit on Saturday Night Live that Justin appeared in, offers for starring roles have been pouring in for this guy. That say when Hollywood comes a knockin' you better greet it with a lil' "Southern Hospitality" (shameless plug for his restaurant). What you see here is a rarely seen picture from Justin's audition to play the Joker in the upcoming "Dark Knight" (out July 18th). Thank God casting over at Warner Bros. had the good sense of giving the role to the late Heath Ledger or else it would have been me mixing prescription drugs. Well good try anyway JT, I would still picked you over Jack's old ass again.

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