Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.62)

Last Fri should've been "Miami in NYC" for real! Round 6 o'clock I made my way out to the SoHo Grand Hotel's garden on W. Broadway to check out Londoner Estelle's (the stylist not the singer) sexy impromptu get-together she was having there, I brought along Katrina (fresh implant from Austin), Chandon, Renee (Sweetie's manager) Nicole James & Co., and L.A. to even out the cool factor to my favor. I made a note to self that I GOTTA do an event there in the very near future. Dope ass vibe. Then later it was off to get "Down & Derby" rollerskating party at Studio B! Where Kai (718Bodega) and crew joined us, along with Phili sisters Katrina & Tina, Misako (411 mag, Rag & Bone), Adam "West", Young Lord w/ his artist Ernie Gaines in tow. Whew! It was like a "class trip" of us altogether, vibing to the '80's music and enjoying the newly open rooftop they have now. The highlight of the night was when these two random but cool ass chicks heard that Ernie was about to blow-up and started pawing him for the rest of the night (damn, I gotta start taking singing lessons fast)! Two parties one night, all good! Enjoy.

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