Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Hump (Day) 'N Around Like Bobby Brown" -Friday Comes on a Wednesday Now.

I truly hope you have on your comfort
able heels on today. Or at least some good ol' "tennis shoes" (down south talk for sneakers) Cause there's not one but THREE events that I insist that you try your best to make it to tonight. First off, you need to hit up a Virgin, as in the megastore, in Union Square. K-Salaam & Beatnick will be shaking hands and kissing babies, all to promote the latest release hitting the shelves. Then later on a homegirl of mine, Roela of the Taste Crew will be hosting a joint at 205 Club w/ singer Joi (you know her from replacing Dawn in Lucy Pearl and Big Gipp's wife) performing live. Or you can walk right down the block to Kush, where Jahrem and Co. have a huge B'day bash going on w/ tons of fashionable folks planning to attend. See I'm TOO lazy to write out the addresses to each so you're just gonna have to click onto the fliers to get' what...I'm sorry man, what else can I tell you?

. See you Sat. Aug. 9th at "Rock the Block BK"

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