Monday, June 14, 2010

"Not Your Average Run Of The (Bush) Mills!" -At Last I'm Not On A Wanted Poster!

A few months back I was telling you guys how I was selected from a photo casting for groups of friends to be used for an international print ad campaign for long time whiskey makers Bushmills. Right? And how Ouigi (of the Brooklyn Circus) and I photo was picked to run, and that the company invited us out to Ireland for a four day visit and tour of the distillery...Correct? Well if you you answered "Yes!" to everything then you SHOULD know what this picture posted is all about then! Bushmills finally sent me a crisp copy so I can pass it on to you to get a good view of. For those in still in the dark, Bushmills is like the Patron of Irish whiskey out there. So for us, two non-threatening looking BLACK Americans to appear in this campaign is HUGE kid! So we're kind of a big deal overseas, where we can reap NONE of the benefits of fame that comes with your face being plastered all over. I can't wait till they start to appear state side. I think it'll be surreal to see some punk kids scribblings of a magic marker moustache across my face. LOL! Geez, it's awesome to see yourself posted up on a wall in the hood, and it AIN'T one of those R.I.P. murals man!

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Carl said...

I think this is great guys, congratulations

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