Friday, June 11, 2010

"Turn It Up A Notch...BAM!" -BAM'S Annual Dance Africa Festival

Now HOW can you be in Brooklyn...ON Memorial Weekend...And NOT stop through to BAM's annual Dance Africa Festival? It's criminal if you ask me. Especially when it has SO much to offer in regards to merchants, vendors, food, socializing, and plan ol' people watching! For three days straight, Brooklyn residents and the whole world over, come out to take in this yearly cultural event. That official puts the stamp on the start of the Summer to me. Traditional If I'm in town, I'll always find my way down there to enjoy the great food, those $3 (diabetes inducing) pink lemonades, and do some intense "bird" watching. LOL! My favorite moment of this year's event was watching the "village elders" start up a dance circle, and some white chick's friends gassed her up to take part with in it with some HE-LARRY-US results! It was like she had gotten possessed or it looked like a scene from some low budgeted Voodoo film. Both she & I were on the floor! Me mainly from laughing though.

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