Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Oh, Me So Coney!" -Life's A Beach! Livin' In Brooklyn, C.I. Style!

Now WHAT better place can you test out a new camera and see how vividly colors can come out then in Coney Island I ask you? If you said Vegas, then yeah you got me on that one. But let's keep it local...namely Brooklyn okay? Last Saturday morning I got up remembering that Coney Island has that yearly Mermaid Parade that comes around this time of year. The forecasters were all saying that it was to be "a gorgeous day", so I mustered up the strength to get my ass up outta bed, to travel to the ends of the Earth (well the end of Brooklyn) to see what my (Canon) G10 could bring back under the pressure (I.E.; moving targets, crowded streets, and extremely bright sunlight). How was the parade? Just take the Halloween parade, mix that with the Gay Pride Parade, a lil' Mardi Gras, then an add a dash of Popeye, Sponge Bob, Aqua Man, and the Gorton's fisher man flavor up in there. And you've pretty much got the gist of how the parade is going to be. Some folks didn't get the memo that it's suppose to be a nautical themed event but the point is to enjoy yourself either way so...

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