Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.206)

Hey did you get a chance to stop through to that G-Shock event that took place at the Bowery Hotel this Tuesday? Well if you didn't then you missed on seeing one of the most fashionable attended events I've seen in a minute! Funny thing about it is that I'd damn near almost missed it myself! Yeah even though I got back TWO RSVP confirmations, I was still was hesitant about trooping out in that down pour of rain. I slapped myself in the face and gave myself the pep talk like "Ni**a just go! It's an early event. You'll be home in no time flat!" And with that said, I was off into the cold damp night. Wanna here some crazy $#*t? Ok, so I get there say about 8:30, no long guest list line at all, and I'm standing off to the side waiting for my boy Carlito (who NEVER owned a cell phone in LIFE btw!) to show up. Funny thing, I do admit looking down at my phone at one point, as if he was REALLY gonna call. Anyways, as I was saying. I waiting by the entrance to get in, when this long big black SUV pulls up to the curb, and out jumps rapper Bun B! He walks over gives me a pound (as if he knew ME), and asks was I good on the list! As if to say "Dude I got YOU! Just slide in with me if you got problems." Or maybe I'm just over thinking the situation...maybe. But I was not about to be on no groupie shit "riding the Bun" (pause, no non-hetrosexual). I politely said "Nah, good looks, but I'm good. I'm just waiting for my boy." Hey just maybe he THOUGHT I was someone he knew, who knows? So now back to the event. Which was actually for those socialite twins (Dee & Ricky) that design with all that Lego stuff that it was for. To promote a G-Shock watch "designed" by them. Which I wasn't feeling to keep it 100 wit cha. But suffice to say, the event was a smash! Kudos to the open bar & the beautiful people. Here's the pictures I took, go look see.

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