Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.204)

Sometimes you gotta love your life man! Especially when you're me! But you're not and I appreciate that you're NOT trying to be but come on... don't you wish you were? Just for a day even? Why? Cause I happen to luck up on the wildest/radomest/bizarre situation/scenarios of anyone I personally know! Case in point, the other day while having a meeting about taking over the world ("literally"), friends of mine mention that they're hosting a BBQ for none other than A.J. (Calloway)...Yeah that A.J! The one from BET's 106 & Park. Yep the cat that had a front row seat to Free's ass for a few years! Well anyways, the BBQ was taking place at his crib out in Jerz, and I was invited. Since DJ Trauma was playing a set, "HOW corney could it be?" I wondered. But I had a good feeling about this one, so I called for back-up (IE invited some good friends: Toni, Gary j. and Ryanne "Archie") to roll out. After a few missed turns, and bad GPS directions, we had FINALLY made it there just in time to start the party (mind you Trauma had all the sound equipment ANYWAY)! After a quick introduction of myself around the crib (which was DOPE spot btw), I couldn't help but notice it was like a lightskin reunion/ meeting going on. LOL. Trust me they were BAD 8 and better looking chicks but...I'm just saying! Bad enough the girls that we brought with us was light brights. Hahaha. Just talking out loud that's all. Moving on I gotta say, he's crib is built for these types of lazy (Saturday or ANY freakin' day) get together's. Endless skyline view, grill on a long ass deck, pool, ping-pong & foose ball tables, movie room...It was stacked MAN! And to really hurt a n**gas feelings, the food was top shelf $#*t dawg! Salmon, and shrimp w/rice, and all types o' thangs poppin' off in my plate! The food was so good NO ONE spoke to each other till they're plates were done. LOL! Then to put the icing on the cake this n**ga had the whole cast from the Oscar award winning movie Hurt Locker come by and reenact the ENTIRE movie (word for word) for the lucky few guest that stayed over! GANGSTA! Best BBQ EVER!!!

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