Friday, June 18, 2010

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.205)

Gotta LOVE LOVE LOVE the Summer man! With the warm weather comes, lesser clothes, happier attitudes ( times), nice nightly pop-up events, and best of all...ROOF TOP PARTIES! Case in point, this one here was for the 200th Anniversary for Tanquray, but WHO cares! It was FREE entree (on a guest list), FREE food & FREE drinks, beautiful people! And did I mention it was on a roof-top! That right there was enough for the kid! This time around, I arrived there EARLY, cause frankly I wanted to leave EARLY, only cause I wanted to turn into bed, tired from the night before. Anyway, the event was held at the Kimberly Hotel (yeah I never heard of it either) newly opened roof top lounge, let me tell ya was DOPE! Ummm, the spot that is, but not so much the party. Yeah all that FREE stuff was top notch but, all in all there was no cohesive vibe among the crowd. I think mainly cause the music (who ever that DJ was) was ALL OVER the place. Musically speaking. To me no matter the mix of folks that are attending, you as a DJ. should touch a cord with somebody out there. Sheesh louise! Well besides that, I got my fill of drinks, made a few new contacts, meet some Facebook "friends" for the first time, and left with a nice goody bag. Mission accomplished!

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