Friday, June 11, 2010

"I'm Just Writing My Name In Grafitti On the Wall..." -I Give This Spot 5 Pointz For Freshness!

Just the other day while trying to hunt down this store that re-sold movie props (which turn out to be extremely lame btw), I just happened to luckily come across this artistic find during my travels while out in Queens (Long Island City to be exact). I had heard of this spot (through pictures only on my Flickr account) but never thought to visit it...Till now! Just a few blocks on the very last stop on the G train you'll find 5 Pointz, an urban haven for "graffiti expressionist" I'd like to call it. EVERY available wall space on this block long building had art work of some sort "tagged up" on it from front to back, and both sides! If you'd like to learn more about my discovery peep HERE to read more about this joint! Below I've posted some more jaw-dropping pictures, once again using my newly purchased Canon G10 camera! LOL!

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