Monday, June 28, 2010

"Jamaica Not So Nice!" -Cleaning Up the Yard!

Yo! You remember this joint right HERE! This ad did for Jamaica what that damn grill did for George Foreman! I heard stories about guys booking flights all the way out to the "Yard" (one way tix mind you)
and getting off the plane holding up the poster asking "Yo, WHERE can I find this girl?" With Billy Ocean's "Caribbean Queen" blasting in their headphones (LOL). Nowadays "Yankees" of a different kind are coming out to "Jam Rock" holding up a different kind of poster! A WANTED one! For Christopher "Dudus" Coke, wanted in the U.S. on gun and drug trafficking charges! Reports out of Kingston last Tues. say that "Dudus" has been arrested finally. After damn near four days of gun battles between security forces and his supporters that left 76 people dead! I read somewhere that he was caught en route to the U.S. Embassy in Kingston accompanied by yet ANOTHER Rev. Al (no NOT the Rev. Al we all know). Admit it, it WOULD be mad funny if their Rev. Al was the Jamaican version of ours. LOL! Now outside of all this stuff happening down there, what I couldn't make sense of is WHY would a drug dealer go by the nickname "Dudus", if your last name was "Coke" ALREADY? "Chris Coke"... maybe? Just a suggestion rude boy! On another note, rumor has it that the young lady (well young at the time) pictured in the poster, is divorced w/ child. Owns a "on the low" good weed/bad roti spot, and is living on Kingston ( Brooklyn that is) and is working "Rihanna hard" to get back in shape for the anniversary version of this poster. MILF is chilling, Giz is chilling! What more can I say?

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