Monday, June 14, 2010

"Folks Couldn't Wait For "Later!" -Drake's "Thank Me Later" Review

Ya know, I was actually was gonna wait till (June 15th) for the album to come out to write a really deep & extensive review. But by now, the WHOLE U.S. of A has the damn album so I'm like f**k it! I may as well put my two cents in now, cause as quick as he's putting out tracks this leaked album will be old in a week! LOL! Okay with that being said, let's move on to breaking the album down track for track in no particular order. Shall we? First up let's cover the first two singles that you've probably heard more times already than you've gone for a physical your LIFE! I'm referring to reflective hooked "Over" & the hopefully promising "Find Your Love" both EXCELLENT choices in my option to put out as back to back singles. "Over" with it's inviting and introductory horn accompanied with high strings is different from the very start. Why? Simply because it starts with the the hook! Which sounds as if it was originally a verse that in the editing process, he was wise enough to make those opening lines the focus of the song. GENIUS! You automatically feel from the song that he's STILL a small fish in a bigger pond, if only in his mind. I get chills just imagining how this record sounds LIVE! On a large stage and in a small room this song WORKS! Now on the other hand "Find Your Love" though good as well, It comes off to me as a left over track from Kanye's "808 & Heartbreak" joint that he felt would work better sung. Don't get it twisted, I dig the tune but "Hey, Hey, Hey!" is on some Fat Albert s#@t...let's be honest here! Now that that's out of the way let's go in.

"Karaoke" -Huh? Don't know why he titled the WHOLE song off of one line, but I WON'T be singing this one at a "karaoke" party any time in the near (or very far) future! LOL! Next!

"The Resistance" -NICE! This track is a definite return to the signature songs we've become all too familiar with from our long nights listening to "So Far Gone" mixtape getting high. Reflective lyrics, airy track, yeah I can get with this one.

"Show Me A Good Time" -Not ANYWHERE what I expected to hear with this "Kid Cudi-ish" sounding track! If you CAN'T dance to it or even bob your head to it, HOW is THAT a good time? Please someone explain this to me! Kanye produced this one so that helps explain the Cudi sound I was complaining about earlier...Ummm NEXT!

"Fireworks" (w/Alicia Keys) -YES! This is a Grammy nomination worthy tune! Still rap no doubt but it's the future not the past yet still respectful to Hip-Hop. I can see this growing and getting big, maybe as a late single perhaps. BIG tune! July 4th HEAT!

"Light Up" (w/Jay-Z) -Eh! This one had to grow on me, for real. I appreciate the verses, but I mean, your first (commercial) release and you get Hov on a track to do THIS? That's like getting to ask God one question and you blow it asking some silly s@*t like "Why only one question?" Hahahahaha! Wild right? God look at you like "Huh? This ni**a ain't getting up in HERE! HELL no!"

"Up All Night!" (w/Nicki Minaj) -WTF! Yet ANOTHER ball dropper! You have the hottest female MC rapper one right now...on YOUR team...and this is your best? Come on man! The title reads "Up All Night" dawg! Exploit her sexuality on this one (like she does on everybody else's s#@t) and go in on just WHY you guys are "up all night!" Now another "cut & paste" verse that she & you could have kicked on ANY other track...Fo' real though?

"Fancy" (w/T.I. & Swizz Beats) -YEAH man! I'm digging this joint right here fam! Especially T.I.'s verse. I definitely dig it when the song's vibe changes up (at 2:45 mins. into the song, I forget the musical term for it but) I can see this one getting banged out in the clubs, around say like 2:30-3:00 am, on your third round of bottles, random champagne vultures circling the table, falling off the couch you standing on or slipping from the drinks being spilled, feeling NOT so fancy! Classic Swizz track, yet so refreshingly new! I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it's Mary J. singing the uncredited background vocals on the chorus.

"Miss Me"
(w/Lil Wayne)-Yessir! Great follow up banger to "Over", You feel the energy and hunger in his voice through out the whole song. Even when he starts singing his verse. I'm into it! However Wanye's part...wouldn't "miss" it. Love the dude (pause, no homo) but this verse coulda been on ANY track! SERIOUSLY! Don't write s#*t on the spot, go into the booth, and tell the engineer "Yo just put me on track 12 and punch me in!" Nah bra, work TOGETHER on the songs concept. You and the world will appreciate you more. Trust me on this one.

"Unforgettable" (w/Young Jeezy) -Yo! Is it me or does Jeezy steal this one from Drake! I'd love to hear Young Jeez more on this vibe (production wise) with a lil' of the rowdy stuff he's better known for, mixing in. The Aaliyah sample works too, on so many levels that it's too deep to get into now. But you get it.

"9am To Dallas" (Bonus Track) -Originally a freestyle he recorded, It's one is straight FIRE! If you ask me this should've been a featured track on the album. You can hear the honest hunger in Drake's voice and lyrics from start to finish. Yet it's still playful.

"Cece’s Interlude", "Shut It Down" (w/ The Dream), and the Timbaland produced/Jay-Z sounding track "Thank Me Now" -Are all worth of mention, but Momma always says "If you don't have nothing nice to say..." you know the rest folks.

All and all the game NEEDS Drake right about now! However this album the game could have waited for.

But on another note, my review on Janelle Monae's latest release is a short one. BUY IT!
It's downright inspiring to hear GREAT music being made still. Even if doesn't get the Drake type hype! WORD to me!

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