Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Do Fries Go W/ That (Harlem) Shake?" -I Can't Shake The Feeling That...

Now I know it'll never be on it's way to become a national holiday but, TODAY (June 16th) ladies and gentlemen, marks the 5 yr. anniversary of the now infamous "Harlem Shake" dance, the last big dance craze (and I do mean craze!) to originate from Uptown. Now most of the unsuspecting public became familiar with this dance via G-Dep's "Let's Get It" video, but truth be told, the dance was already popular long before that since '89. So to commemorate this monumental day in Black history, I took my lazy ass up to Harlem to track down some of the torch bearers that still kept the flame (and flamers!) alive. And boy, it wasn't hard to find willing dancers to prove that Harlem STILL clings on to old s**t the rest of the world has quickly moved on from (Pelle Pelle anyone). Here's some video I captured of some guys "shaking their stuff" (pause, no homo) in a "friendly fire" dance off. One guy was "shaking" so violently I was preying it wasn't a stroke or MS, and had to kept from him swallowing his tongue! LOL. History reads that the dance was originally a parody, poking fun at the crack & heroin addicts that haunted Harlem during those late Alpo, Rich Porter days. The fiends would "shake" involuntarily in between their next hit. So one day being driven through Harlem to get in touch with his roots again, Diddy peered out his heavily tinted windows, told the driver to stop, and studied the crack heads for a moment during a shaking fit and announced to himself "Now THAT'S Harlem! I gotta capture that essence!" Hired a crack team (no pun intended) of skilled dancers to make sense of the moves, and voila'... you go from milk shake to Harlem Shake! Bong! Now watch and see, I bet you some "genius" turns this into a workout video White folks will eat up! Lmao!

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