Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Hands In To Sky, Front To Back(yard)!- A "Lazy" Sunday BK BBQ

Sidewalk, front yard, back yard, park...Brooklynites will BBQ ANYWHERE at the drop of a dime! On the sign entering Brooklyn it should read "Welcome to Brooklyn, Land of a thousand BBQ's!" For instants take this past Sunday, I get a text from Frei (the Block Association/the Ahficionados) that reads: "2pm! Private Backyard BBQ (address) 2nd fl. Bringsomething2share! DO NOT FORWARD!" When I arrived, say around 5-6ish, apparently NO ONE had followed the "Do not forward" section. Cause it was half way full already and the night had JUST begun. Even I had to call SOMEBODY and put 'em on the collective of beautiful socialites gathered together for peacefully partying. Old friends & new friends I just met maybe days earlier, were all in attendance making for a DOPE experience on a easy VERY breezy Sunday afternoon. Well here's some flicks I managed to take (with the brand spanking NEW G10 I got) while making myself familiar w/ the open bottles of wine laying around. LOL! Didn't mean to rub it in.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics!! Looks like it was a nice crowd.

Conner said...

Beautiful Brooklyn people

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"