Friday, June 4, 2010

"The Roots, The Roots, The Roots Is On FIRE!" -3rd Annual Pinic Hits Philly

Hmmmm, it seems I might be doing a road trip this Saturday huh? The bad boys of Philly are back in their home town to kick off there annual "Roots Picnic" (the 3rd one mind you), that's PACKED to the gills with some GREAT acts this year! Just peep the line up on the flier if you think I'm lying! Nice right? Well tix go for like $50 bucks , but I'm hearing it's WELL worth each & every cent. Hey, I just might see you guys out there (fingers crossed). If you ARE going fo' sho fo sho' email me a contact # so we can link and share blankets. LOL!

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