Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Toying With The Fans" -Toy Story 3 Review

I KNOW I'm gonna get alot of hate for this but, to be quite honest with you...I wasn't impressed! Yeah the story was good, yeah the art was stunning, but EH! I feel I've seen better. But first let me get into the story. Not to spoil it for those 2% that haven't seen it yet, I gotta say the movies' full of one bad turn after another. And it's kind of a downer except for a few brief moments of humor (very brief for me). So the premise is, years later this kid "Andy" (who's keep the SAME damn toys around for it seems like ever) turns 17 and is off to college. So the toys are to be packed away for who knows what. By this point I'm thinking "What? This guy never had Playstation all this time by now?" Anyway, fear sets in on what will be their fate, so the toys go into panic mode. Woody, who's the "Yoda" of the group devises a plan, only for a mix up between packed bags to happen. And that's as far as I'll go to keep from spoiling it for you. Now I'm NOT saying DON'T go see it. It's a great ending to a the Toy Story series. However I left feeling like Shrek was better! Yeah, I said it! And the 3D wasn't all that too! Pixar did their thing on UP as far as 3D goes and killed it with the details in Wall*E! This one was above average but not "I just wet my pants with the big ol' soda that comes with the No. #2 combo" type of graphics I was hoping for. But that's just me. I'm no sore loser but I'll still give it four out of 5 M's

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