Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Re-Up, To G' Up" -Firing My Canons Off!

I'm not sure if you've been paying attention but, for quite some time I've been VERY vocal about wanting to upgrade my camera (the Canon SX200) to this Powershot model that Canon makes (or rather MADE) called the G10 for a while now correct? While I'm proud to announce that THAT day has finally arrived! You are now looking at the proud owner of a near mint condition (as stated in the Craig's list ad) Canon mother f**kin' G to 10th power! And boy let me be the first to tell you (yeah two yrs. late), that it is a thing of beauty folks! But instead of listing all the fixin's and bells and whistles it comes with, I thought it would make more sense to post proof of the pictures it's capable of producing. Which is why I bought the DAMN thing to begin with! So three days old, I decided to break it in at the often over looked Brooklyn staple, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, one overcast Sunday morn. Oh the first two flicks are from Tom's Diner (no NOT the Suzanne Vega song one). Why the G10, when the G11 is now out you ask? was cheaper (duh!) and the G10 shoots VIDEO! Who cares about some freakin' swivel screen?


Creative Silence said...

Beautiful shots my dude. The G10 is a beast and I've considered copping one. Loving it's size and high pixel count.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Thanks for the comp man! I'm an avid fan of photography so to pay tribute to it, you MUST do what you LOVE! Even if you're not the best at it,at least try to be right? But you already know this. Folks are voyeurs at heart, so it only makes sense to give 'em a good show.

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