Friday, June 18, 2010

"All About Partying & Fashion!" -Thank Jesus It's Friday!

Options are ALWAYS a good thing! And TONIGHT it's about four for me. Laugh if you wanna but. I think Toy Story 3 will be HIT! "Pixar" is a MACHINE! You can never lose with them. I don't have to name the hits do I? But that'll have to wait to tell tomorrow ain't dealing w/ those first night lines. NO sir! And did you see the trailers for "Cyrus"? Jonah Hill is the NEW Hollywood! But that too will be on the side line till another day. But BOTH pics are released today. Later if you need to shake your rumpus then check Jeremy's (of Sociallight Ent.) annual b'day Joint out the Maritime Hotel (17th & 9th ave.) or Jeff & Jenine's b'day bashes at Branch (E. 56th betwn 2nd & 3rd ave.) that one's a 80's theme if your need to know details. Enjoy the weekend WHATEVA you do...Do you!

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