Friday, June 11, 2010

"Making Black Berry Jelly!" -The NEW iPhone Is Coming 4 That Ass! BBM THAT Suckers!

Now WHO didn't see THIS one coming?!? Just as I was about to make my first iPhone purchase (cause my current phone as been acting like a real jackass!) I see these ads boasting about the release of a even better designed iPhone on the way. This one has an OS4 operating system (whatever that is), two-way camera, app folders(!) to categorize them better. Thinner, sleeker design, voice calling, and best of chatting! The damn thing even tells you how many times one individual has call you! Like for example, it'll say via voice "Sarah Conner has called you three times consecutively! Damn that bitch is annoying!" That's GANGSTA right! For that feature alone, I NEED that in my life! LOL! Man I'm convinced that Steve jobs owns a freakin' time machine yo, and is stealing ideas from the future! That or he's secretly an alien (and NO not Mexican)! So I say "Boost" that mobile you currently own out the nearest window, "Sprint" over to another service provider, and ditch that "Metro BS". BlackBerry owners can get off the "balls" too! Cause the future will now be in your hands, you make the call! My upgrade is not due till October, but I'm taking offers for a replacement phone till then. Holla if you can hear me now! * Side Note* My early prediction is the iPad will get video chat next! WATCH!

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