Monday, September 14, 2009

"Someone Needs A (Taylor) Swift Kick In The Yeezy! -the VMA Awards In Reveiw

I'm not one to really follow these sorta things, I'll let you know first hand that I honestly didn't even know WHO was up for any awards, let alone SEEN any of them. But something inside told me that I HAD to watch this year's VMA awards! And boy did it not disappoint! But before we get into all that, I gotta say watching made me FEEL old. More than half of the "host" for the pre-show I've never even heard of before. I was told that they're "actresses" on that "Gossip Girls" show. Now let me remind you that I'm an over 25 African-American heterosexual male, that barely watches TV. So you naming names is lost to me (hand waving past head motion). Then they've gone an added Twitter into the mix (huh?) which I think is for the birds (pun intended)! Don't get me wrong, technically I HAVE an account (, but ask me how many times I've used it and I'll hold up only a few fingers at best. BTW Pink and Shakira in the same dress? Oops! Now let's move on. Only but ten maybe twenty mins. into the program after Madonna's "Yeah, I tried to seduce Michael Jackson memory" and Janet's "Scream" if you love MJ performance. Ya boy 'Ye has a melt down over Taylor Swift beating out both Beyonce' AND Lady Gaga for Best Female Video (?) Big "WOW moment" for the night. Bigger than any of the performances to be honest. I That moment will be spoken about and Youtube'd FOREVER in time. Trust me MTV is NOT mad one bit at him, simply because now next year this time around folks will be glued to watch. Hoping not to miss anything. So they can stay in the "cool crowd" the next morning. As far as my thoughts on the host Russell!? He's one funny bloke, but at some point I needed sub-titles because he talks so fast with an accent to boot at times. Bring on Sasha Cohen man. The Tracy Morgan/Eminem skits...lame. the look on Eminem's face when Gaga big ed' up gays...Priceless! Diddy's! The witty "Wait, what did I said?" comment after saying Kanye's name...sharper! Wale acting like the Roots backing up band Russell was a NO. Respect yourself in the morning! Beyonce' s "Single Ladies" performance screamed "I don't believe you, you need more people!" so she brought out MORE people. Lol! THEN the crapper of the night to me, that made me get my hat & coat outta coat check, was funky ass Lil' Mama jumping on stage during Jay-Z & Alicia Keys show closing performance of New York's newest anthem ("Empire State of Mind") Hey Lil Mama isn't past your bed time?

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"