Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.170)

Okay so where were YOU last night?!? I don't mean to sound like a jealous spouse but B'days don't come EVERYDAY ya know! Well they do technically, but you KNOW what I mean to say right? Anyways, looking at the pictures you can tell for yourself that you missed a banger of a B'day bash! The house was full of Virgos (like myself) celebrating their born day. Minus myself and Linda (Dirty Debutante) the folks holding their names are the ones we were toasting to @ "WTETIL!" We had a lil' late start due to some faux corporate event going on earlier, but once they was ON! The folks over at Aspen NEVER seen that many folks on a Tuesday...EVER! A lot of surprises of folks new and past can through to show love, and there were some surprisingly missing faces too! But I'll get on that subject later. Moving on, the night went to ANOTHER level once (B'day girl) Miss Saigon took over the turning tables after Mirandom did what she does well. I'm not even sure just HOW I'm even up now and blogging, but b'days prove life goes on. Oh two things before I bounce. One is, I asked GOD to show me a sign and that's why you see that "Rough Road Ahead" (last) pic down below. And two, Thank you to "Kanye East & Amber Rosenbloom" (second to last pic) for coming to support an up and coming blogger like myself. LOL! FYI* next up is singer Eric Roberson's B'day & album release 8/22/09 BTW the fake Kanye got drunk and took the mic at THIS party too!


Coolbaby said...

You are so fly!!!! I love your blog.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

We have some thing in common then,cause I LOVE this blog too! Maybe a little more than you...but still it's definitely MORE! LOL

Anonymous said...

what a great party. I had a blast!

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