Friday, September 18, 2009

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, You're Far Too Kind!" -The Happiest Of Birthdays

Hey really quick before I get caught up in the hustle & bustle of life, I wanted to take the time out to show my appreciation and sincerest gratitude for all your continued support from start to finish, all the ventures I've brought to you. From the Target First Saturdays after parties to the urban arts festival "Rock The Block BK", the art exhibits, holidays parties, this blog's Anniversary, the charity bike ride. Not to forget the increasingly popular "WORD! To Everything I Love!" after work on Tues. and EVERYTHING in between! THANK YOU (whew!)! I've done A LOT, but trust me when I say my friend, I am NOT done yet! On the eve of yet another B'day (Sept 19th), I choose to reflect on the past, to help navigate the course for the future. Of which hopefully you'll be a part of. Life's a journey, I'm just taking the scenic route (LOL). THANK YOU to those who found the time to unselfishly give me their time to stop by "WORD!" for the b'day dinner event. Too kind. And lastly THANK YOU for the inspiration be it LOVE or hate, for what I'm ABOUT to do! Coincidentally "the Minority Report" is closing in on it's ONE THOUSANDTH posting! Yep a GRAND man! It's been the greatest gift to myself, THANKS for sharing it with me & others alike. FYI* If you so have happened to miss my B'day bash, THIS coming Tues. (8/22) you have a second chance at redeeming yourself (lol). Singer/song writer Eric Roberson will be performing AND celebrating his b'day w/an album release to boot @ Aspen for "WORD!" Let's pretend it's mine again, and you actually show up this time, shall we? Ok I'm out, one, peace, deuces up, gone till November, but before I go here's a lil' something to groove to. Oh and by the way, you're WELCOME!

Put on your headphones right now, press play, and enjoy!

photo portrait by Russell Fredrick

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Coolbaby said...

Happy Belated Birthday to such a fly playboy!!! Me and my girls will be coming next week to Aspen. Keep up the good work and once again I absolutely love your blog!!!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"