Monday, September 28, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.174)

Part art show, part B'day party, all together FUN! Was what this party was Friday at Tamboril! I hadn't been a Tamboril for a minute all Summer, so if felt kinda weird coming there and not being the one THROWNING the party. But Swedishfish Prod. (Gina & Wayne) did just fine based on the fact that the spot was damn near full at 11 o'clock! The pieces on display for the nights event were really dope! I TRYED to take pictures to show you (I swear) but my camera was NOT cooperating at all. But trust me, you would've dug'em I'm sure. Anyways friend/photographer Tamara O. & co- b'day girl Christina held their celebration in the SAME location which made it EXTREMELY easy for me to attend both without having to run across town to make it in time. Tons of good folks that knew the two came in support and got an added show to boot. Ahficionados did the honors of controlling the dance floor along w/ DJ Danela & DJ Pot too. It was a good look, but it would've been a BETTER look if those who promise the ladies "I'll slide thru" ACTUALLY showed....Hmmmm!

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