Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Blue Is The NEW Black!" -the Blueprint 3 Album Review

Jay-Z is LEAKING! Nah he wasn't shot, only his latest album "the Blueprint 3" w/ a bullet on the internet! I truly wanted to be the first on line to support one of my favorite artist (yes! ARTIST not rapper) newest additions to his catalog of hits but when a frind offered a swift upload of BP3 I turned by back to peek into my wallet, seen a few moths fly out and was like "Hov's rich enough!" and uploaded away (what? sue me). Hey I'm NOT the only one gulity of this obviously cause he's been wise enough to move up the release date from the infamous 11th to this past Tues. the 8th. Smart move, but is too late?
Okay now on to the album itself, SPEECH! Now Jay-Z will FOREVER be considered a great lyricist, that's not in question here, what folks look to hear from an new album is the perfect marriage of his voice on a banging track, to have their own personal anthem ...that's all. In my personal opinion he talks more matter-0f-factually, more candid, and a bit more frank than he has before. Never fearful of naming names, and "keepin' it real" as one that now lives his lifestyle can. Which is hard to do without becoming repetitious and you say? Boring! I'm actually drawn more to what he has to say then the beats the says it on. Some rappers start to think whatever they say can make a beat hotter, this my friend is NOT that case. To me this album is Jay-Z "re-envisioned" by Kanye. The NEW Kanye! Not the ol' soul sampling producer of yesterday. I dig Jay on those types of tracks (which I was hoping from this one) But alast Hope is the distance cousin of dreams. Here's what off BP3 I was thinkin' while listen.

"What We Talkin' Bout?"- feat. Luke Steele -NICE delivery & flow! Way to switchin' it up!
"Thank You" -Slick Rick-ish style, not mad though.
"D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-tune)"-Classic Hovi! Simple delivery straight to the point.
"Run This Town" feat. Rihanna & Kanye West -Eh! Grew on me, I dig the Ri Ri hook.
"Empire State of Mind" feat. Alicia Keys -NYC has a new anthem folks! BIG tune!
"Real As It Gets" feat. Young Jeezy -Man I like Jeezy on this one bro (NO homo) A 3 pointer
"On To The Next One!" feat. Swizz Beats -Booyah! Another club hit one of my fav on the album
"Off That" feat. Drake -Come on Timbo! Where's the triple beat bounce! We miss you. A waste of Drake's talent. I expected more from these 3 together. BOO!
"A Star Is Born" feat. J Cole -Great honor to his rap peers, "dedication rap" is now in you know. J. Cole sounds a lil' Lupe to me...I'm just saying.
"Venus vs Mars" -Ok Tim, you get a pass on this one. The lyrics is what saves you this time, thank Jay.
"Already Home" feat. Kid Cudi -Woulda been hotter if Pharrell sung the hook, but Cudi does a GREAT impression! Could get into this one. Kanye produced this, and I don't have to read the credits. LOL.
"Hate" feat. Kanye West -Sounds like a left over "Heartbreak 808" track to me. Gets boring after a few bars not lyrically but sonically.
"Reminder" - Ummm, forget it!
"So Ambitious" feat Pharrell -Well it this there still producing.
"Young Forever" feat. Mr Hudson - Nothing last "forever" especially these track in mind.

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