Friday, September 18, 2009

"Give The Drummer Some!" -We're Building A "Grand Army" TONIGHT! Player Play On!

For the LONGEST I've been dying to create a venue and event focusing on live music, which is another passion of mine. I'm thinking something where the vibe is cool, it's food & drinks (of course) involved and you can come listen to young musicians playing EVERYTHING from Funk to Jazz, Rock to Hip-Hop. BUT, it'll be what these rap producers today are sampling! the "originals samples" that folks only get a few seconds of from a "looped" song, but are actually taken from GREAT compositions. Have you been noticing over the course of the blogs start I've been putting you on to this already? That was just scratching (pun intended) the surface. So first things first, we've decided to put a band together to do just that! Here's the Craigslist ad I placed 'bout a week ago:

Building "the Grand Army"
"Looking for more than qualify musicians to play as house band for monthly open-mic R&B revue, and backing band for studio sessions for signed Motown artist and former Bad Boy/Hitman producer (Rich Younglord). Needing 2 Keyboard/organ player (s), drummer, trumpet and sax player, bass, plus electric guitar. Must be well versed in Jazz, HIP-HOP, and 70's funk/soul music. Also mesh well with others. ages 21 to 35 perfered. Think "if the Roots where from NY...but BETTER!" or "If the Time was a Hip-Hop band" Please leave contact to be reached for future try-outs to be held very soon. Also be camera ready."

Boy did a get replies within mins of the posting! So TONIGHT we're holding auditions for all those that responded  @ Ultrasounds rehearsal studios 7-10pm! Bring your "A" game in what ever instrument you happen to be playing. Oh btw, "the Grand Army Players" name is a indirect reference two things, one being I'm from Brooklyn & grew up near "Grand Army Plaza" so that and a line from Star Wars ("Attack of the Clones"), when Chancellor Palpatine says "As my first act with my new authority, I will create a Grand Army" And that always stuck with me. So there, a lil' inside trivia.

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