Friday, September 25, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.173)

Let me ask you, you ever NEEDED a party in your life? THIS party hosted Uptown Magazine for their 5th Anniversary was one of those for me! Got the invite via Keith "Major" (of the Breakfast Club) and KNEW in an instance that this was gonna be something special. Now it's NOT like I don't get out (this very blog is proof of that), I just hadn't been to an event I was REALLY excited about like this one. Without asking details other than the basics like "Where & when?" I went in clueless to what to expect in total. Man let me tell you, this joint right here...Top shelf! DOPE venue (Maritime Hotel), DOPE music, DOPE looking well dressed (young sexy mixed) crowd, AND open Patron bar...ALL NIGHT...Sade "Sweetest Taboo" my ni**a! Fronted with some ladies like "Thirsty? Oh I'll get you a drink. You're friends too right?" till the jig was up, that it was gratis. D'oh! My team the "league of extraordinary gentlemen" (aka Rich Younglord, Lyshaan "L.A." Hall, and Chadon) showed face later to bear witness to my urgent texts of "Yo where you AT? Here is where you NEED to be!" Outside of "WORD!" on Tues. after work THIS is one of the BEST times I've had this year! Even the catered cake was yummy! Shout out to Ms. Ashlie from that "Harlem Heights" (NEVER watched it) show (sorry), whom I had the pleasure of meeting 4th quarter at the party. Great talk, and trust I WILL get you to Brooklyn somehow someway. Done, like my camera when the battery dies. Uno.

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Eb the Celeb said...

Great pics and nice meeting you!

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