Monday, September 28, 2009

"Getting 'Tooned Out!" -Minorities Are Too Animated

Okay folks I gotta put this out there. Lately I been feeling that African-Americans, yes even the cartooned ones never get full recognition for all that they've done for "the Movement" of our people feel me. I wanna for a moment, take the time to acknowledge these animated brothers for all they've done as pioneers in their field.

Did you know he was the first (if not ONLY) African-American to appear on a cereal box that was not an athlete? True story! I have to do more research on what country he was actually a Count from. But I'm guessing England from his dental work. Lol. Blackula was a bite (pun intended) off of the Count if you ask me. Ironical he died of some rare blood disease at the ripe age of 240! Go figure huh?

WAY before Heavy D, and the Fat Boys and Biggie, Al made it cool to be accepted for the extra weigh he carried around. "Just MORE of me to love!" was a phase he was credited as starting. But deep inside he was emotionally in pain for not only having a name "Albert" but added with the "Fat" in front of that...tore him apart! He wanted to be known for so much more. Such as raising awareness of childhood obesity. Which he would've been the perfect poster child of. After the show stopped airing, he attempted to reunite the Cosby kids to tour their brand of "junk yard funk" around the country. But the stress of nightly show, caused the heavy set young man to break down. Besides the fact the band was doing experimental drugs & loose sex w/ groupies! Rumor has it that Fat Albert plans to reemerge back into the public's eye via a reality TV celebrity weigh-loss show. Either way "Fats" is worth his weigh in gold.

Long time "Peanuts Gang" member Franklin helped coin the term "token." Growing up in an all-white suburban neighborhood, he was often referred to as "that cool Negro kid, with the good hair" among his peers. Having a position on Peppermint Patty's baseball team, sparked Franklin to have aspirations of going major once he got older. However in his mid-teens discovered weed & smoked it on a daily basis. Once known as "Franklin Armstrong" (his RARELY heard last name) in his twenties took on the nick name "Frankie Strongarm" which was how he got his customers to buy pot from only him. Franklin took over the "Peanuts Gang" now re-named "Nuts Gang" and fear of the gang quickly spread to other suburbs. Snoopy at one time at a bleak point in his career became a somewhat "guard dog" for him...Gangsta! After a brief stint in jail, Franklin turn to the Muslim faith and is now Franklin X. Still the only African-American who preys at his mosque. But had it not been for the induction of this once promising young man into the hugely popular Charles Schultz drawn comic strip, you may not have been the only black hired in your office today. Thank him.

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