Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Home Is Where The Hamptons Is!" -Daytripping From Bk And Back

Haven't seen this face in a while huh? well while you were getting rained on all Summer long Ms. Chameleon here was making a life for herself out in the Hamptons through an opportunity that Ralph Lauren (himself) presented for her to help build the Rugby brand. But at last Summer is OVER (never REALLY kicked off to be honest) and this bird's flying back to BK for the winter. And to celebrate her homecoming she's asked me to invite you all out to a homecoming party she's throwing for herself out in the Hamptons! Day trip to the east coast playground of the stars for a day of fashion, food, and great fun! All in the RL Hampton getaway home. Sounds interesting right? Here's more info:

* If you are interested in travel from NY to E. Hampton, you would need to take the bus or train. The bus is called the Hampton Jitney, which comes to 39th & 3rd St., in NY, and is $50 r/t ($30 one way). The landmark for bus is Main St. in E. Hampton. There is also a train, Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)avai. at Penn Station NY, that goes in and out of E. Hampton for $30 r/t ($15 one way) The landmark spot for them is "E. Hampton, coming towards Montauk". ***Schedules must be checked. The website for the Jitney is: Using either of these, you would need to get a cab from there to the house at 32 Robert's Lane, E. Hampton 11937, for the party. The cab company is Lindy's Taxi Service (631) 907-0077. (To the house is $10 min., $20 if cc used.)

* Jackie Williams, the Gen. Mgr. of the Ocean Beach Resort has avail. rooms, still. This hotel is right on the beach, which is a/20 min. from the party. The address is 108 S. Emerson Ave., Montauk, NY 11954, and the ph. no. is (631) 668-4000.
I have names (no ph. nos.) of other hotels on Montauk Hwy. (27), that can be checked. Montauk Hwy is the only road in and out of E. Hampton. All of these are on Montauk Hwy., which is also Main St., going down the road towards the beach:
* White Sands Resort Hotel * Ocean Colony * Ocean Vista * Sea Crest * Oceanside Beach Resort * Memory Motel * Sands Motel

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