Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tues. September 15th is V-Day! United We Stand & Party Hard @ Aspen TONIGHT!

If you happen to be under the sign of Virgo, and you need to feel good about yourself. Just take a gander of the list of well known names of people that share your sign. You're in GREAT company damn it! Pick your head up and just think "If I just turned out to lead half the life these guys did, I'am GOOD!" Unfortunately for me the ONLY person which whom I share the exact same day with was Jimmy Fallon (Sept. 19th) but I won't let that get me down...not today! If you have a B'day past or soon to come, you're more than welcome to join us tonight @ "WORD To Everything I Love!" -30 W. 22nd St. bet. 5th & 6th. 6pm-1am We're going IN! Non-Virgos are welcome too.

Here is a list of people who share the star sign Virgo:

Adam Sandler
Agatha Christie
Andy Roddick
Angie Everhart
Ani Difranco
Amy Irving
Arnold Palmer
Barry White
Beyonce Knowles
Bill Murray
Brooke Burke
Bruce Springsteen
Cameron Diaz
Charlie Parker
Charlie Sheen
Claudia Schiffer
Dan Rather
Dave Chappelle*
(His sense humor of course)
David Copperfield
Eric Stoltz
Faith Hill
Fiona Apple
Gloria Estefan
Gloria Gaynor
Greta Garbo
Guy Ritchie*
(His memory of sleeping w/ Madonna...Oh yeah, and making cool ass movies)
H. G. Wells
Harry Connick Jr
Henry Ford II*
(Duh, my own car company!)
Hugh Grant
Ingrid Bergman
Jada Pinkett Smith
Jason Priestley
Jeremy Irons
Jimmy Fallon
Jacqueline Bisset
Jennifer Tilly
Jesse Owens
Julio Iglesias
Keanu Reeves
Kenny Baker (R2D2)*
(His on set memories of Star Wars)
Lance Armstrong*
(His endless supply of those once trendy yellow bands)
Lauren Bacall
LeAnn Rimes
Lily Tomlin
Luke Wilson
Macaulay Culkin
Macy Gray
Michael Jackson*
(His commanding presence, and maybe a pet monkey)
Michael Keaton
Mickey Rourke
Mike Piazza
Mother Teresa
Nicole Richie
Oliver Stone
Peter Sellers
Queen Elizabeth I
Raquel Welch
Rachel Ward
Rachel Hunter
Ray Charles*
(His own movie about him)
Richard Gere
Ricki Lake
Ryan Phillippe
Salma Hayek
Scott Baio
Sean Connery*
(His memories of making out w/all those "Bond" girls!)
Shania Twain
Sophia Loren
Steve Guttenberg
Stephen King
Tim Burton*
(His cool shades & funky hair style)
Tom Landry
Tommy Lasorda
Tommy Lee Jones
Van Morrison
Virginia Madsen
Warren Buffett*
(No guessing here, it's the $)

*The ones in red are who I'd be a mix of, if I had my way.

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