Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Word To Virgo!"-Virgos Time To Shine!

Okay, so I did my research on you guys (you guys being Virgos) like myself here's what I found;
TRAITS; Modest & shy (varies at times), meticulous & reliable (true that), practical & diligent, highly intelligent & analytical (damn right!)
"Both sexes have considerable charm and dignity.They can be genuinely affectionate, making good spouses and parents. Their love making is a perfection of technique rather than the expression of desire, and they must be careful not to mate with a partner whose sex drive requires a passion they cannot match. They are unassuming, outwardly cheerful and agreeable fashion. And can be sensible, discreet, well spoken, wise and witty, with a good understanding of other people's problems."
Truth spoken! So with that being said, I proudly invite my fellow Virgos to come party w/ me in celebration of my day of birth Tues. (actual my B'days Sat. but hey!) @ Aspen at "Word To Everything I Love!" for a dinner & dance party (6pm-1am) like NONE other!

Celebrating as well that night will be (click on names);
Keisha Millon,
Keith "Major" Lawrence III (the Breakfast Club)
Shanah Walton (Speakeasy)
DJ Miss Saigon (EvE's DJ)
Tara Johnson (Dirty Debutante)
Linda Lee (Dirty Debutante) &
Tati Amare

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