Friday, September 4, 2009

"I'm Kind Of A Big Deal..." In My Mind At Least! Here's What All the Fudge Is About

I must admit, I shot for this so long ago I had forgotten all about it till someone called me out on it. guilty as charged! Let me rewind back some, to fill you guys in. A few months this growingly popular Japanese men's magazine "Men's Fudge" hired this photog guy to "shadow" my every move (for a WHOLE week mind you) to try and capture my "mysteriously elusive fashion style" on film. He spoke not a word of good English (much like myself) , slept w/a bowl over his crotch (for some religious reason) and cleaned out my whole rice supply in my cabinet in two days! I had only one box anyway. But regardless of all his shortcomings, he pulled off a GREAT job I must say. Now only if I could READ the damn thing! He probably wrote about the lust filled women waiting on my stoop every other night, to catch a glimpse of one of Brooklyn's most fashionable bloggers, either that or how I shower w/ my socks still on... NO? Well whatever.

FYI* Save the Date: Tues. Sept. 15th 6-1am
I'm inviting you to my (along with a host of other Virgos) pre-B'day dinner & dance party @ "Word To Everything I Love! held at Aspen EVERY Tuesday after work. Expect great things to come...

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Dope idea!! Ya Boy Mobile Mark Peace!

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