Monday, September 21, 2009

"Choose the Red or the Blue Pill..." -Getting My Matrix On!

For some time now (if you've been paying attention), I've been on this extreme hunt for this particular chair that you now see pictured to the left. Which is your typically class tufted leather wing back chair, or "executive chair" as some may call it. Why? Oh cause for one, I'm a big fan of the Matrix movie (NO, a simple poster wouldn't do) and it's a DOPE looking chair wouldn't you agree? Remember the infamous "red or blue pill" scene in the movie, in which "Morpheus" sat to both offer Neo "the choice" and explain just "WHAT is the Matrix?" Of course it's NOT the EXACT chair but $#it...It's close enough for me! Much like "Neo" I was searching the internet looking for "Morpheus"...well the chair I mean and came across this one on good ole Craigslist, I didn't hesitate to call. Coincidentally dude lived RIGHT by my gig, so I stopped by and copped it on the spot (after talking the brother down $ome). Cat even delivered it SAME day for me. SWEET! Btw his crib in Harlem was SICK!!! He was a brother moving out from his renovated brownstone in Harlem to Wash. D.C. but swore he loved Brooklyn. That's cool and all, but I just came for the damn chair! Not tea and chit chat LOL! NOW I'm a lil' bit happier been that I finally cross that off my wish list. Gotta get a black rotary phone now, to make things look even more legit.

Side note: here's the song that started playing in my head as he was dropping the chair off at my pad.

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mary said...

hahahaha i feel you on the chair !!!!boss status!!! rotary phone,smoking pipe and i already know u got the perfect outfit!!!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"