Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.171)

It never dawned on me just how MANY b'days / Virgos there are in September! Even though as tired as I was, I just HAD to come out to salute BK soldier Daoud Abeid (of Coup D'etat BK & Sunshowah Films) on his, this Monday past night @ 105 Rivington. The brother knows MAD females, and they came out in force to support AND surprise him with a lil' pole show for the night! Butch Diva & "the Divettes" (lol) were spandex'd out creating chaos up in that piece. It was a sight to be seen. I had to turn away to avoid getting my hopes and (the other me in my pants) up. Ummmm, bartender make me a strong WHATEVA! NO ice please! Something like this shouldn't happen only on birthdays damn it! I woulda "made it rain" that night but no one had change of singles for a five. Oh well! Now who's B'day is next?

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