Thursday, September 17, 2009

"West Of Eden"-Ain't No Love The Heart of the City, Where Is The Love?

Boy, talk about blame it on the alcohol huh? After Kanye did his own remix last Sunday (VMA awards), you sware he'd slapped some one's baby four times w/ the mother standing right there (which btw someone DID do, do you even watch the news?) Well the way I see things this is all going to be some big SNL skit soon, folks will laugh it off, he'll drop a hot single and all will be forgiven...right? Though I think it was a WILD move (even as I was witnessing it first hand) I had to stop and think just WHO he was. DUH! Kanye is known for doing wild $#it! I'm I correct? This time instead of Bush he picked on "Middle America" ie Taylor Swift. A peer in the music community. NOT saying he was right, but you do get my point. Anyway enough "soapboxing" I really came here tonight to expose him. Oh not in THAT way! Just bringing the focus BACK to the music he USED to be known for (at least). Here's some cleverly sampled stuff I "dug" up for you to reflect on his talent. One final note* I don't remember Chris Brown getting this type of "riot act media mobbing" Was it cause a black on black crime was committed? Hmmm I'm just saying...

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