Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Another Cat-astrophy!" Heidi Needs Seal Of Approval From Hollywood Directors

Sheesh! It's ridiculous what lengths these celebs these days as will go to when they are trying to woo movie studios and gain casting directors attention. When word of a "Thundercats" movie started spreading around Tinstletown, actors began getting "catty" when lead roles were being considered. Problem is, no one told these two "stray cats" that A. The movie was computer-animated and
Lead parts, post-production, & screening were done MONTHS ago.
When an agent recently saw this photo, he gave them the heart-breaking call. Here's what was said, "Seal took the news surprisingly well...better then expected. As for Heidi, she thought that they were auditioning for the live action "Lion King" movie and had no clue there would be no such thing." If you ask me I think Seal woulda nailed it! Looks like someone's been pussy (cat) whipped...right?

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