Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Packin' Mad Nines!" - 09-09-09 TONIGHT Come Frei Yo Self! An Ah-fical B'day Bash

Alright Brooklyn, it's time to pay your respects! The poster child for the HARDEST working sound set in Brooklyn (the Ahficionados), the a leader in the GUTS movement, plus co-founder of "the Bridge is Over" group page on Facebook, AND co-promoter of the Target first Saturdays after parties, is coming of age today. Now what makes today EXTRA special is that all the 9 are aligned! Which happens only once in a lifetime, just like this party will be! So stop through and salute the god and let'em know that you appreciate what he's doing for music or Brooklyn alone. Nuff said. It's gon' be one BIG Virgo reunion up in there!

"Once In A Lifetime!" -9/9/9
TONIGHT! @ Deity -368 Atlantic Ave. near Bond St.
Music by DJ Moma & Special Guest DJs

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