Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Which Way Is UP?" -The Up Movie Review

Huh...What?! Yeah I went to see "Up"...and it wasn't with any kids either so! Way I look at things is, a movie is a movie, is a movie, if it's a GREAT story being told. Right? And one thing that's not debatable is Pixar can tell a damn good story! I've seen every one of their flicks (always on DVD) so this was the first time I've actually saw one in a theater! And it's in 3D? Which to me, made the experience even doper! First off your admission tix come with these "Ray-Ban like" cool glasses so you can see the action face forward. Also keep in mind that EVERYTHING was in 3D (the short film, the credits, etc.) which was a nicely added touch. Shortly into the film I was rudely reminded exactly why I DON'T go peep these flicks in the theater...kids movies have kid crowds! Talking all loud and $#it, in yo ear at that! But hey, what did I expect in the middle of the day? At first when I first started seeing trailers for this months ago, I was like "Huh, some ol' dude as the main character? How is THIS gonna work?" But I trusted in Pixar to, and they scored. The first half of the flick is VERY heavy emotinally, which I did see coming. Dealing w/ topics such as getting older and death. Tough subjects, especially for the youth to comprehend. I'll admit it was a little depressing to me in the beginning. I guess they wanted to get all the weighty stuff out of the way, so once the action kicked in, you understood the characters motivation. BTW kudos to Pixar/Disney for using a non-white as a lead, "Russell" was drawn as an Asian kid, which kids don't really care WHAT color he is, just be funny! Even though the leads were human (which is a 1st for them) "Kevin" (the bird) and "Doug" (the dog) were the scene stealers. Good stuff folks. I highly recommend it even though it's not beating my top Pixar flick "the Incredibles" but you'll be leaving the theater still rocking the glasses fo' sho' like I did. I give it 3 out of four M's

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